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The underlying purpose of the GBA is to seek to identify, create and develop opportunities and initiatives in the Glenkens that will assist local business and enterprises as well as the community to thrive and prosper.

The Committee’s priority therefore is to continue to do whatever it can within its available resources to promote the ‘Glenkens’ as the jewel in the Galloway crown.

With this as a backdrop the committee, with Tourism Doctor, has created this website to promote the area and businesses within it . This collaboration has also produced a ‘Visit The Glenkens’ brochure that satisfies the criteria and includes activities and information for all age groups. The result is an eye-catching brochure that we hope the businesses of the Glenkens can be rightly proud.

The GBA are also looking at, and seeking advice from government sponsored organisations, on how best to ‘Brand’ the Glenkens so that it becomes a well known tourist and visitor destination. The committee believes that the ‘Brand’ should reflect the natural beauty of the Glenkens and the endless, diverse activities that take place throughout the seasons. The committee is hopful that with the opening of the CatStrand in New Galloway, both groups will be able to work together to further the interest of all businesses and communities throughout the Glenkens.

A further proposal under consideration is a follow on to the hugely successful Glenkens Business Directory. The present plan is to produce a new directory including the details of all new members each year. We have to included an 'area map' to assist visitors to locate local services and facilities.

These achievements are proof positive about the value of partnership working within the community and highlight the energy and enthusiasm of the GBA and its members to 'get things done'. However the GBA needs the support of the whole community and would urge every business to support its aims and objectives by becoming a member.

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